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More than advising – a commitment.

A vision of success is never static – but evolving to current and future possibilities. As a full-service foreign direct investment and M&A advisor, we offer Eurasian reach, local knowledge and deep execution capabilities. Our expertise across transaction types, industries and geographies has made us a seasoned advisor to corporate clients between Western Europe and East Asia.

Building of bridgeheads overseas? Investigating the optimum investment location in emerging markets? Set-up of a new business unit? Take-over of a peer company? Such decisions are often vital and always complex.

Professional competence and implementation know-how alone are not sufficient to guarantee the success of a foreign direct investment: Local expertise and intercultural relations make the difference.

It is important to understand the different cultures and be equipped in soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills to manage project teams effectively.

Each investment project is a unique commitment; we consider your special needs and will enjoy our success upon completion.

GRA:FIN looks at each project with a fresh perspective, no matter how big or small it may be. We support and promote in our people a willingness to think laterally. Often, this willingness to take a creative approach produces ideas and concepts that may not have been immediately obvious, but which often deliver the best solutions.

Our role as international management and transaction advisor allows us to

  • Ensure strict confidentiality
  • Find compromises that seemed impossible
  • Anticipate cultural changes
  • Allow your management to remain focused on its day-to-day operations
  • Secure a fair solution for all shareholders
  • Maintain a helicopter view throughout the whole transaction process
  • Minimize attrition losses through set up of new organizational structures and business units

All roles mentioned above and many more, make our business so challenging and each experience so different.

Every deal is above all about people, an encounter that lasts for many months and sometimes several years. Throughout the course of our project, we will constantly be exchanging information: good and bad news, negotiation tactics, role playing, and much more.

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